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28 October 2007 @ 10:11 pm
[fanfic] Escaped Convict Carpool  
Author: scarbie
Title: Escaped Convict Carpool
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing(s): John, Barry/Nelson

The silence in the SUV was nearly unbearable for Barry but he wouldn't dare be the one to break it. His 'little Pisces' and Lyshitski had to settle things for themselves; all he could do was get them out of Chicago. The original plan was to get to Nelson's summer home without getting pulled over by the cops. He was free and legal but Nelson was supposed to be dead and if they were pulled over it wasn't as if Barry could say, "Praise Jesus! It's a miracle!" And adding Lyshitski to the mix wasn't going to make things any easier. Would Nelson even be comfortable with taking John to their destination?

Short of Nelson or John inflicting bodily harm on one another, Barry was going to stay out of it. He did all the intervening he was going to do when he convinced Nelson not to let John suffocate six feet under. It brought a ghost of a smile to Barry's face that reminding Nelson how John's duplicity brought them together was enough to make his sweetheart change his mind. The meeting really was serendipitous.

Barry didn't quite trust John enough to let him sit in the backseat, so the blond was riding shotgun which was a damn shame because he would've loved to put his hand on Nelson's knee—or more—during the ride. He looked up in the rear view mirror and saw that Nelson's eyes were boring holes in the back Lyshitski's head. After being in jail you develop a keen sense of when someone is staring at you so Barry knew John couldn't have been comfortable.

Since no one was talking Barry turned on the radio and tried to find a neutral and soothing station. WNUA was a safe bet; sometimes they played Chuck Mangione, which was a plus for Barry.

After an instrumental of “I Like the Way You Move” finished, John broke the silence and said, “I can’t handle anymore of this smooth jazz shit.”

“Nobody asked you to come along for the ride,” Nelson retorted. “But honestly, Barry, can we listen to something else for a bit?”

Barry grinned at Nelson from the rear view mirror and saw that he caught the other man’s hazel eyes. It was really amazing how boyish Nelson looked when he smiled. Maybe at another time when things were settled and they were alone they could show each other their baby and boyhood pictures.

“That’s fine. I actually have something for you anyway.”

“Oh, really?” Nelson leaned forward and put his hand on one of Barry’s shoulders.

Barry pushed the CD player control in the dashboard with one of his large yet well manicured fingers.

Nelson’s eyes lit up as he heard the familiar pulsing beat.

“I love this song!”

John looked out of the tinted window and sighed. “We know and everyone in Rossmore knows. I’m surprised that the organ player at the funeral didn’t play a dirgish version.” He rolled his eyes. “You would’ve liked that.”
Whatever levity they had was broken.

“Be quiet, Lyshitski!” Barry said, letting his voice drop. He looked into the rear view mirror and saw Nelson’s irritated face. He could tell that the man was about ready to toss the career criminal out of the car. Luckily, Barry had another surprise for his love. Maybe that would calm the situation.

“Look in the cooler bag on the floor, Nelson.”

Barry could hear the sound of the bag unzipping and then the pleased gasp.


If he didn’t have both hands on the steering wheel Barry would’ve patted himself on the back.

“Oh, Barry! You are too sweet!” Nelson said, practically sparkling. “I definitely owe you a reward.” He reached out and slowly traced the shell of one of the former G-Lord’s ears, making the man shiver. John rolled his head in disgust, not because they were both men but because it was so fucking sappy.

“Even though it was only supposed to be the two of us,” Nelson said somewhat coldly, “there’s enough here for you too, John.”

Lyshitski flashed back to the way he almost gagged on the drugged beverage. Part of that was from the sweetness of the beverage. He was really thirsty. But first things first.

“I still need to drop that deuce.”

“Ugh, very classy, Lyshitski,” Barry said. “We’ll pull over at the next gas station or fast food joint, all right?”

“Yeah.” John then closed his eyes and tried to block out the sound of Nelson singing off beat.

“People, don’t you know. Don’t you know it’s about the time.”

And getting the lyrics wrong.


And nearly skipping whole lines only to come in on the last word. Maybe he should’ve have taken his chances with the CTA.

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